The Wild Imagination EP (Alex Ford x Esta)

by Alex Ford

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Dedicated to Ben "Big Red" Linden who told me 7 was the magic number.

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released March 28, 2014

Mixed by Oliver Hart -
Mastered by Kevin Kowal at Fader Master Stduios
Artwork by RLSM & Young + Frank
Recorded at Golddust Studios
Engineer - Andrew Wright



all rights reserved


Alex Ford Perth, Australia

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Track Name: The Jungle Law
Aint spittin with you,
Nah I'm spittin at you,
Bless you,
At ya front door yelling Guess who's,
This West dude, gettin hype when the rest through,
Treating every beat like a rest room.
Oh? You got chess moves,
Please. Im showing you how the best move,
Check you, mate, you breathe because I let you,
Short bus, rollin around thinking you special,
Ford Bruv, Must Hang nuts at eye level.

Green Medicine take a hit of this,
With my boys walkin round like gorillas in the mist,
Paranoid so i know where the cynicism lives,
But i never took a bite of a bit of bitterness .

Met a chick looking devilish like the devils bitch,
How come they say they sweet when they never is,
Act celibate but then willing to sell a bit,
She's hella fit, and I, fuck for the hell of it.
You gotta man? Bet he hella whipped,
Let me guess. You love him but you won't tell him this,
Make ya body move, I'm on some telekinetic shit,
Fuck a climax I throw em over the precipice.
Get her wet like the winter weather is,
I could raise a school of fish in ya bitches crevices,
Kinda brain that she give, she could be a therapist,
Im knockin so let me in.
She never say - No
Make ya girl say - Oh
A - I - owe - you he don't know,
hear her break vowels, on a mission to make her moan,
can't help but breaks hearts of the ones you take home.

This is easy,
Just like Eric the west need me,
Biggie said Whats Beef?
It's what I need to feed me.
Love and leave me
Give me more I'm greedy,
Give me yours Im meanie, miny moe you see,
Pick me up then free me,
Don't agree then teach me,
Drunk as fuck in Leedy
What i done believe me,
No one touched or seen me,
Not enough still greedy
Will i learn to be me
Scotty Beer or Beam me
this is how I'm eating.
This is how i get even, dropping E late into the evening.
High coz its tuesday, thats a good reason
Every rhyme cries, sweats and then its bleeding.

Coming and leaving.
Im'a seem so far away on repeat like John Cleese.
Im trynna kick my shit like Bruce Lee.
You can be the one, coz I'm the two three ,
Man I'm Jesus's son,
I'm the truth the world needs,
Wanna B-I-G - P - A - C - G - O - D
Its west coast but,
its OZ,
We're that red headed step child our daddies don't see,
we aint bitching at the door like,
daddy don't leave,
He'll regret he ever thought I'm what daddy don't need,
Baby grow to be a beast, put, daddy on knees,
So dope,
Im the reason, Daddy OD'd.
Track Name: All Alone featuring Cle Morgan

The truth in life's gonna get you x 4

Verse 1

Everyday, hands up trynna catch a break,
But everyday its like I'm late trynna catch a train,
No office games, but you could still catch a case,
Pounds in the car, think we're stars like Patrick ain't
Somebody saves us, from trying to save up,
Money ain't love, but that's what they want
Then look at me like nuns whenever I say Fuck
Act like I smoke crack whenever I blaze up
Bitches stay drunk, I'm thinking you fake Slu-
Rring ya words,
Ain't even worth a verse,
Ain't even worth her purse
And that ain't even hers
I'm getting off the point, lets bring it back to Earth.
Bring it back to Perth,
City in the west,
If cities had jobs my city would have a desk
I'm quitting for my city to go on a killer quest,
I quit, hitting the billies, I needed to get a breath.
Sunny O-Z but it's hard for us to shine bright,
Lemonade out of lemons, but I want the lime light,
yelling fuck a 9-5, want a chick who's 5-9
Sunrise to sunset to sunrise

Chorus x2

All Alone
The truth in life's gonna get you,
All Alone,
The truth in life's gonna get you,
All alone,
The truth in life's gonna get you,
(Can you tell me am I all alone? Ohh)
The truth in life's gonna get you.

Verse 2

I hear tweet tweet, No birds though,
Just assholes, Man I think the worlds broke,
I wanted to ask you, have you ever dreamed of,
More than a fur coat? Have you ever seen love?
I been hitting the weed, but I feel beat up,
Thought you, found you a queen, But that's a diva
Why don't you, take you a break, Have a breather,
Swear, It'll be alright, You don't believe us.
I been sitting on a hill,
Hating fake people, Loving all the real ones,
Life's up and down, On the whole though it's still fun,
Sometimes suck but you know what its still love.
Trynna do what I never did, Forever grow,
Instead of trying to get a grip, I'm letting go.
Nice night for a ride to the night sky,
Trynna show em what I've seen,
I'm trying to let em know

Crying to let em know, And I'm dying to let em know,
We've all got baggage, I'm trying to let it go,
Trynna bum a light, But still trying to let it show,
Never try and you'll never know, Gotta love it to let it grow


All Alone
The truth in life's gonna get you,
All Alone,
The truth in life's gonna get you,
All alone,
The truth in life's gonna get you,
(Can you tell me am I all alone? Ohh)
The truth in life's gonna get you.

All Alone
The truth in life's gonna get you,
All Alone
Do you think life's gonna miss you?
All Alone
The truth is, life is a bitch too
(Can you tell me, am I all alone? Ohh)
The truth in life's gonna get you

Track Name: The Rain
(To be with you baby, Lets chill
So lets just settle down, come on
Its what I wanna do
Thats all I want to do, to be with you)
Lets Chill,
Lets Chill...

Verse 1

I get this feeling on my insides, when I spit rhymes and I been high
This is life the one thousandth and fifth time
Fuck a bed time, trynna have it this time
Sick of next time, retired Marty Mcfly I
Got the type of bars that don't bend, my bars bite,
When you feeling alone, light it up, it's alright,
Get you into the zone, realise its just life,
Could be here then ya gone, so do more than just not die.
Hi, how you doing, alright?,
Make ya head nod every time, I, reach into mine,
Im trynna live with the fact we were put here to die,
Most high when I write got God in my eyes,
Dot and I sign the line, I don't know what to think,
Blood, sweat, my tears, fill syringes with ink,
When it's said and done and I'm gone nothing similar since
Hopping the fence, I'm going from a kid to a king


Don't run away when the rain falls down , I'm
Trynna live like I could die right now, I
Look in the clouds trynna find my smile,
I pray, Just let me live for today,
I ain't afraid of the rain.

I been looking trynna find my self, so
Who am I? Coz I still can't tell, I
Look to the sky as the raindrops fell
I pray, just let me live for today
I ain't afraid of the rain.

Verse 2

Won't run away my dear
I'm a man, I'm a face my fear
So I'ma stand where I am, though I hate this hear,
I'll make this year, my own, I can break this year,
Snakes they stare, at kings, trynna take they chairs,
There's fake shit here, and I ain't trynna take shit there,
I'm trynna take hits and make hits to make kids care,
In the matrix here, attracted to the latest gear,
And I wonder why nobody ever say shits weird.
Puffin sedatives, trynna be the clever kid,
Capital punishment, taught me these def sentences,
Mix money and love, careful with the measurements,
Won't bury it, this moment Im'a treasure it,
Wok's in the basement, cooking up the medicine,
Dressed for the beach and we're trynna climb Everest,
Looking for an elephant, lighter than a feather is,
All got dreams, hope I'm in the right bed for this


Verse 3

So can I just dream? Or do I gotta say please?
I pray I never drop to my knees
I'ma die on my feet, smile when I cry and I weep
Coz I know I'll be fine next week
High trynna get, deep
Trying to fly but I'm not Pete
Not grinning but I'm showing my teeth
Im'a show em heart beats,
Show em how you can heal when the scars deep,
How to whistle even if you can't breathe,
Can be, what I can't be, life's a bitch so madam please
Help me with the puzzle coz I'm looking for the last piece
Lastly, can we dance while the rain speaks,
Hold hands, like we just met, on that same street,
With the same smell from the rain on the concrete
By that same tree, our initials in the bark read,
A for you, felt the spark when you touched me,
Like a touch screen, you moved me so it must mean.


I ain't afraid of the rain
Track Name: Saving Grace
I don't wanna be deep on this beat
But I can't fucking let go of whats around me
Capslock is still on, when I log off and sleep

(Verse 1)
It's late noon, and all I wanna do is make tunes,
Sometimes, all I wanna do is hate you,
But at the end of the day, I just hate my self,
Coz I know that it ain't you.
So it's fuck me, wishing it was fuck you,
Wish I didn't wanna know what ya up to,
Wish I never made memories of us two,
Wish I never knew what it meant to touch you.
So Bye Bye, I'm gone now,
Hard knowing I gave you the best love,
Wonder when I'm sitting on top,
Will you beg me back? Will I tell you to get fucked?
With Ease, make another "Bitch Please",
Now every other bitch Eve,
Gemini, so the Adam got split and you looking so Japanese,
Now I'm wasted like every weekend, an angel fucking these demons
These women loving my penis, there's no love left between us,
Angry and then I'm sad but I'm acting like I don't feel,
You turned my feeling to secrets, I hate that I gotta keep em
I'm torn..
So torn..
Picked you a rose and you gave me back all the thorns, I..
Gave her a rose and she gave me back all the thorns,
Should of left that rose where it was in the garden I stole it from so...

I don't wanna be deep on this beat,
But, I can't fucking let go of whats around me,
Capslock is still on, when I log off and sleep
My baby
What's around me?
So what's around me?
What's around me?
So what's around me?

(Verse 2)

That's sharp love, I'm scarred up,
Don't you dare look down on me.
If pain is love and love is pain,
You really fucking want me.
Wish I could walk away,
Pretend that I never saw ya face,
I'm thinking ya everything I know ya ain't,
The idea of you I know is fake.
There's plenty more fish in the sea,
Said time heals I'm not quite there,
Can you stay outta my dreams?
I blame you for all of my nightmares,
Could of been, you and me for anything,
Middle fingers up now, no more dreams of wedding rings,
Listening to Lauryn sing, "everything is everything"
Falling trynna spread my wings,
Smell ya perfume on the wind,
Trynna fly like Peter did, Coz life was easy as a kid,
Then tried to be ya man and found how fucked up being grown up is.
So understand understand, ya Wendy and Im Peter Pan,
Or I'm Alex in wonderland, or I just miss holding ya hand.
Just a dance, just a dance, give my kingdom for a dance,
No I'm sticking to the plan, I swear I'll never love again.

I don't wanna be deep on this beat,
But, I can't fucking let go of whats around me,
Capslock is still on, when I log off and sleep
My baby
What's around me?
So what's around me?
What's around me?
So what's around me?
Track Name: Live Forever featuring Rob Delirious
Pour it up, roll it if you brought it out
Sorta drunk, but we drinking till the morning now,
Out the back with this chick chilling on the couch,
Head on her lap while she holding joints to my mouth.
Light it up, like you could never get high enough,
Kiss her now, before some other guys does,
Take a chance, won't hurt just to try once,
The nights young, and so are you and I love.
Beers chillin, chilling with pretty women,
Not fake bitches, thats what pretty isn't,
Fake chicks looking at me like oh no he didn't,
But I did, get a personality or disappear.
You can whisper in my ear, but be prepared I don't care,
About who, what and where, or what you wear,
I wanna know, whats under ya hair,
Just show me ya head, I'll show you my bed,
You showing respect I'll show you the rest.
In the smoke filled air, kicking it then we're coughing,
Living like oxygen just isn't an option,
Chatting without drinking isn't even talking,
Everybody awkward, everybody wanna be awesome.


See the times now, while the moons out,
We can party all night till it shuts down,
So take a hit now, till the suns out,
See take my hand, lets live forever.

Yeah breathe in, baby breathe out,
Synchronise with ya body and ya lips now,
Just take my hand lets runaway,
Lets take a chance for a brighter day,

Rob Delirious Verse 2

Yeah Im bleary eyed but never tired like the michellin
These women are unforgiven I'm hitting em
Molly and MDMA we flipping em, feeling quite ridiculous
Living in the bubble these little pills have now put me in, huh...
But we livin for the moment, rocking double vision, but I'm focused,
Focus Ford, yeah I'm speeding round the city in the open
Air, coz her tops down, cutie you'll be gropin
Hands intertwined, this super sized living,
Got me feeling like Alexander the great,
And I'm wheeling through this city
I mean reeling like a mother, fuckin fishing for different bitches,
I'm ripping a bubble gum blunt,
Leaning on the edge of a foreign apartment,
Three thirty five, but the nights alive and we sparking,
Dogs in the distance barking, women in the room and they laughing
These drugged out visions what we after..


(Verse 3)

Summer days, summer nights, summer vibes
Some are yours, some are mine
Dark shades over summer eyes,
If the summer time getting summarised,
In three words , its "What a life"
If Gods real he got it right,
And if not, its not a lie
We all gotta die, but we gotta live,
So I'm living mine, like this the last time, I might see the sunrise.
Bet I can, be better than better than
No smart phone, I pen rhymes with clever hands
Lost boys, forever young, Bangarang,
Peter Pan knocking boots, Dorothy's in Neverland.
Laid back, wanted the crown I probably could,
Aussie kids, we wasn't made for Hollywood,
Peaking past the point they said we probably should,
Nodding to the beat like somebodies being understood.
Heyyy, gotta smile up on my face blazed,
Right near the beach where Daves selling eighths of haze
Eighty eight, W-A, born and raised
Aussie made, we're not full so come and play

Track Name: Sea of Desire featuring Miles Bonny, Coin Banks & Marksman
Verse one - Alex Ford)

Flyer than Jesus, brim low, new Adidas
New flow new features,
I make Stevie see this, under stand up when they seated
Gave my whole life and I'm breathing,
Must of been a reason, times up whats the meaning
Eyes shut, what Im dreaming?
Asleep and I'm fiending, now i've seen it, I'm a believer
Walked on cement, till my feet start bleeding.
Don't ever knock it, had to get, went and got it,
Bar dropping, chocolate falling out of my pockets,
Drums knocking, ?uest loving, Chuck Wattsn,
If you hating, I'm Cat Tating Im not bovvered,
Honest, every feeling I ever got from it,
Had to have it, no way that i'd ever not want it,
Like turning chronic to hot comets with Gods on em
Even God want it, its mine until I'm God promise

(Chorus - Miles Bonny)

What if everything you wanted was free?
To be for the taking
Just imagine how it would be
To be, just who you are

(Verse two - Coin Banks)

Was on the court in my sneakers
Now I'm back on the bleachers
My girl ask, how rap gon feed us?
Walk on water like jesus
Knee deep in the sea of desire
Hot coals on my soul, got my feet in the fire
All facts in my raps, don't believe in the liars
Why do we idolise, all of these idols like
they prophets? Royalty in a child eyes
Profit from the title prize
Miles high, life above
Kurt, Amy, Lennon, Biggie
It's like they all died for us
Streets mourn for the kings,
But never think to
Form a kingdom and be their own kings too
I'm on the sea floor, with the marine core
The triton of writing, Poseidon reborn
I'll do the honours dog for, me and my confidants
We beyond the ambiance, a bunch of pompous cosmonauts


(Verse Three - Marksman)

Some things are gonna change ya life
I remember hearing something crazy like
Seth Macfarlene was booked on one of the planes that dived
into the empire state of mind
But slept in hung over and didn't make the flight
Don't know if now he's more a family guy
Or paralysed when he has to fly
Or satisfied with chatter like
Serendipity, that's just life, bad luck finds
some, while others have the knack to hide
From it forever, dodge the horrible weather
Get the girl, the job and favours from their college professor
But we model modern men and what a moral dilemma
admitting we got it better presents us
To be frank the oceans tends to re energise ya
(ex)cept swimming in a sea of desire



If you just let them know
How it is you feel
Suddenly you will realise
It doesn't take a large vocabulary to be for real
But somebodies got to turn the lights on
Track Name: High featuring Whisky Winter
Ohh so high...

(Verse One)
Grab the paint can, wonder where the colours are from
His paintbrush the same one that had to colour the sun
As it rose to the sky, for the very first time
Gave heat to the trees, he was puffin a blunt
Then it rained down, met the girl who painted the rain clouds
Opposites attract, they making the rain bow
Rainbow and they notice, strange though but just go with it
Gentle or you'll total it, hearts never been broken in
Feelings in the opening, wondering whats awoken him
Pulling, pushing, provoking him, hoping that he can cope with it
Then she blow a kiss, should he blow it back?
Heart heavy in his hand, wonder if their hearts match
On that park bench, where them Gods sat,
And the stars sang, and that song played and they made contact
Said its alright, but, what if its all bad
Trynna figure fall with the rain or should i fall back

Ohhh, you're so high
(High, High, High)
You're so high
(High, High, High)
You're so high
(High, High , High)
Ya making me feel so...
Ya making me feel..

(Verse Two)
Imagine getting what you want,
Losing what you had, then you want it back
And the fact that you let it go, only to collapse
On the floor, like before, is it love or am i mad?
Im not sure, but I swore, that I would always be a man
Comparing good and bad, and the way that I see you
Figure like a river, but rivers are so see through
Do or don't need you, don't wanna stay, can't leave you
So you and me, so good and evil
High like the O zone, faded off the diesel
I put the world up on an easel
Painting till it please you,
Like an artist painting in the queens room,
Trynna be the one that can appease you, but so far
The rain clouds, they cry and they rain down
Paintbrush, can't stop it from making the same sounds
Not a winner in winter weather, he never came out
Never painted the same coz he's painting with pain now


(Verse Three)
I said "Hey" nah wait I screamed it in her face
Is it a mistake to rhyme these lines with her name
I had faith, hope, now no wait,
Don't say it, don't fuckin pray at meal time, be brave
Take a hit of weed, a couple of these
They say enough is enough, but it's never enough for me
Feel like a junky a fiend, who's addicted to pretty things
And the prettiest thing he seen, don't want him to see her wings
Kills ya self esteem, when memories haunt dreams
And you were told that a king is only good as his queen
Was a very good year, when I was seventeen
Now I'm alive and high, at twenty five and free
But wait
They cage still ain't gone and I can't breathe
And I hate the fact that I need you to be me
Wrote her four letters, never got from E to Z
Don't get to say that I love only saying is C'est la Vie

This is my trouble
Nothing can pull me from the winds
I'm so in trouble
Caught in a wave of wondering
Whisper your maybe
Maybe our time is when you're in
The time is for taking