Aint spittin with you,
Nah I'm spittin at you,
Bless you,
At ya front door yelling Guess who's,
This West dude, gettin hype when the rest through,
Treating every beat like a rest room.
Oh? You got chess moves,
Please. Im showing you how the best move,
Check you, mate, you breathe because I let you,
Short bus, rollin around thinking you special,
Ford Bruv, Must Hang nuts at eye level.

Green Medicine take a hit of this,
With my boys walkin round like gorillas in the mist,
Paranoid so i know where the cynicism lives,
But i never took a bite of a bit of bitterness .

Met a chick looking devilish like the devils bitch,
How come they say they sweet when they never is,
Act celibate but then willing to sell a bit,
She's hella fit, and I, fuck for the hell of it.
You gotta man? Bet he hella whipped,
Let me guess. You love him but you won't tell him this,
Make ya body move, I'm on some telekinetic shit,
Fuck a climax I throw em over the precipice.
Get her wet like the winter weather is,
I could raise a school of fish in ya bitches crevices,
Kinda brain that she give, she could be a therapist,
Im knockin so let me in.
She never say - No
Make ya girl say - Oh
A - I - owe - you he don't know,
hear her break vowels, on a mission to make her moan,
can't help but breaks hearts of the ones you take home.

This is easy,
Just like Eric the west need me,
Biggie said Whats Beef?
It's what I need to feed me.
Love and leave me
Give me more I'm greedy,
Give me yours Im meanie, miny moe you see,
Pick me up then free me,
Don't agree then teach me,
Drunk as fuck in Leedy
What i done believe me,
No one touched or seen me,
Not enough still greedy
Will i learn to be me
Scotty Beer or Beam me
this is how I'm eating.
This is how i get even, dropping E late into the evening.
High coz its tuesday, thats a good reason
Every rhyme cries, sweats and then its bleeding.

Coming and leaving.
Im'a seem so far away on repeat like John Cleese.
Im trynna kick my shit like Bruce Lee.
You can be the one, coz I'm the two three ,
Man I'm Jesus's son,
I'm the truth the world needs,
Wanna B-I-G - P - A - C - G - O - D
Its west coast but,
its OZ,
We're that red headed step child our daddies don't see,
we aint bitching at the door like,
daddy don't leave,
He'll regret he ever thought I'm what daddy don't need,
Baby grow to be a beast, put, daddy on knees,
So dope,
Im the reason, Daddy OD'd.


from The Wild Imagination EP (Alex Ford x Esta), released March 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Alex Ford Perth, Australia

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