(To be with you baby, Lets chill
So lets just settle down, come on
Its what I wanna do
Thats all I want to do, to be with you)
Lets Chill,
Lets Chill...

Verse 1

I get this feeling on my insides, when I spit rhymes and I been high
This is life the one thousandth and fifth time
Fuck a bed time, trynna have it this time
Sick of next time, retired Marty Mcfly I
Got the type of bars that don't bend, my bars bite,
When you feeling alone, light it up, it's alright,
Get you into the zone, realise its just life,
Could be here then ya gone, so do more than just not die.
Hi, how you doing, alright?,
Make ya head nod every time, I, reach into mine,
Im trynna live with the fact we were put here to die,
Most high when I write got God in my eyes,
Dot and I sign the line, I don't know what to think,
Blood, sweat, my tears, fill syringes with ink,
When it's said and done and I'm gone nothing similar since
Hopping the fence, I'm going from a kid to a king


Don't run away when the rain falls down , I'm
Trynna live like I could die right now, I
Look in the clouds trynna find my smile,
I pray, Just let me live for today,
I ain't afraid of the rain.

I been looking trynna find my self, so
Who am I? Coz I still can't tell, I
Look to the sky as the raindrops fell
I pray, just let me live for today
I ain't afraid of the rain.

Verse 2

Won't run away my dear
I'm a man, I'm a face my fear
So I'ma stand where I am, though I hate this hear,
I'll make this year, my own, I can break this year,
Snakes they stare, at kings, trynna take they chairs,
There's fake shit here, and I ain't trynna take shit there,
I'm trynna take hits and make hits to make kids care,
In the matrix here, attracted to the latest gear,
And I wonder why nobody ever say shits weird.
Puffin sedatives, trynna be the clever kid,
Capital punishment, taught me these def sentences,
Mix money and love, careful with the measurements,
Won't bury it, this moment Im'a treasure it,
Wok's in the basement, cooking up the medicine,
Dressed for the beach and we're trynna climb Everest,
Looking for an elephant, lighter than a feather is,
All got dreams, hope I'm in the right bed for this


Verse 3

So can I just dream? Or do I gotta say please?
I pray I never drop to my knees
I'ma die on my feet, smile when I cry and I weep
Coz I know I'll be fine next week
High trynna get, deep
Trying to fly but I'm not Pete
Not grinning but I'm showing my teeth
Im'a show em heart beats,
Show em how you can heal when the scars deep,
How to whistle even if you can't breathe,
Can be, what I can't be, life's a bitch so madam please
Help me with the puzzle coz I'm looking for the last piece
Lastly, can we dance while the rain speaks,
Hold hands, like we just met, on that same street,
With the same smell from the rain on the concrete
By that same tree, our initials in the bark read,
A for you, felt the spark when you touched me,
Like a touch screen, you moved me so it must mean.


I ain't afraid of the rain


from The Wild Imagination EP (Alex Ford x Esta), released March 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Alex Ford Perth, Australia

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