High featuring Whisky Winter

from by Alex Ford



Ohh so high...

(Verse One)
Grab the paint can, wonder where the colours are from
His paintbrush the same one that had to colour the sun
As it rose to the sky, for the very first time
Gave heat to the trees, he was puffin a blunt
Then it rained down, met the girl who painted the rain clouds
Opposites attract, they making the rain bow
Rainbow and they notice, strange though but just go with it
Gentle or you'll total it, hearts never been broken in
Feelings in the opening, wondering whats awoken him
Pulling, pushing, provoking him, hoping that he can cope with it
Then she blow a kiss, should he blow it back?
Heart heavy in his hand, wonder if their hearts match
On that park bench, where them Gods sat,
And the stars sang, and that song played and they made contact
Said its alright, but, what if its all bad
Trynna figure fall with the rain or should i fall back

Ohhh, you're so high
(High, High, High)
You're so high
(High, High, High)
You're so high
(High, High , High)
Ya making me feel so...
Ya making me feel..

(Verse Two)
Imagine getting what you want,
Losing what you had, then you want it back
And the fact that you let it go, only to collapse
On the floor, like before, is it love or am i mad?
Im not sure, but I swore, that I would always be a man
Comparing good and bad, and the way that I see you
Figure like a river, but rivers are so see through
Do or don't need you, don't wanna stay, can't leave you
So you and me, so good and evil
High like the O zone, faded off the diesel
I put the world up on an easel
Painting till it please you,
Like an artist painting in the queens room,
Trynna be the one that can appease you, but so far
The rain clouds, they cry and they rain down
Paintbrush, can't stop it from making the same sounds
Not a winner in winter weather, he never came out
Never painted the same coz he's painting with pain now


(Verse Three)
I said "Hey" nah wait I screamed it in her face
Is it a mistake to rhyme these lines with her name
I had faith, hope, now no wait,
Don't say it, don't fuckin pray at meal time, be brave
Take a hit of weed, a couple of these
They say enough is enough, but it's never enough for me
Feel like a junky a fiend, who's addicted to pretty things
And the prettiest thing he seen, don't want him to see her wings
Kills ya self esteem, when memories haunt dreams
And you were told that a king is only good as his queen
Was a very good year, when I was seventeen
Now I'm alive and high, at twenty five and free
But wait
They cage still ain't gone and I can't breathe
And I hate the fact that I need you to be me
Wrote her four letters, never got from E to Z
Don't get to say that I love only saying is C'est la Vie

This is my trouble
Nothing can pull me from the winds
I'm so in trouble
Caught in a wave of wondering
Whisper your maybe
Maybe our time is when you're in
The time is for taking



from The Wild Imagination EP (Alex Ford x Esta), released March 28, 2014
Written by Alex Ford & Aaron Malone



all rights reserved


Alex Ford Perth, Australia

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