Live Forever featuring Rob Delirious

from by Alex Ford



Pour it up, roll it if you brought it out
Sorta drunk, but we drinking till the morning now,
Out the back with this chick chilling on the couch,
Head on her lap while she holding joints to my mouth.
Light it up, like you could never get high enough,
Kiss her now, before some other guys does,
Take a chance, won't hurt just to try once,
The nights young, and so are you and I love.
Beers chillin, chilling with pretty women,
Not fake bitches, thats what pretty isn't,
Fake chicks looking at me like oh no he didn't,
But I did, get a personality or disappear.
You can whisper in my ear, but be prepared I don't care,
About who, what and where, or what you wear,
I wanna know, whats under ya hair,
Just show me ya head, I'll show you my bed,
You showing respect I'll show you the rest.
In the smoke filled air, kicking it then we're coughing,
Living like oxygen just isn't an option,
Chatting without drinking isn't even talking,
Everybody awkward, everybody wanna be awesome.


See the times now, while the moons out,
We can party all night till it shuts down,
So take a hit now, till the suns out,
See take my hand, lets live forever.

Yeah breathe in, baby breathe out,
Synchronise with ya body and ya lips now,
Just take my hand lets runaway,
Lets take a chance for a brighter day,

Rob Delirious Verse 2

Yeah Im bleary eyed but never tired like the michellin
These women are unforgiven I'm hitting em
Molly and MDMA we flipping em, feeling quite ridiculous
Living in the bubble these little pills have now put me in, huh...
But we livin for the moment, rocking double vision, but I'm focused,
Focus Ford, yeah I'm speeding round the city in the open
Air, coz her tops down, cutie you'll be gropin
Hands intertwined, this super sized living,
Got me feeling like Alexander the great,
And I'm wheeling through this city
I mean reeling like a mother, fuckin fishing for different bitches,
I'm ripping a bubble gum blunt,
Leaning on the edge of a foreign apartment,
Three thirty five, but the nights alive and we sparking,
Dogs in the distance barking, women in the room and they laughing
These drugged out visions what we after..


(Verse 3)

Summer days, summer nights, summer vibes
Some are yours, some are mine
Dark shades over summer eyes,
If the summer time getting summarised,
In three words , its "What a life"
If Gods real he got it right,
And if not, its not a lie
We all gotta die, but we gotta live,
So I'm living mine, like this the last time, I might see the sunrise.
Bet I can, be better than better than
No smart phone, I pen rhymes with clever hands
Lost boys, forever young, Bangarang,
Peter Pan knocking boots, Dorothy's in Neverland.
Laid back, wanted the crown I probably could,
Aussie kids, we wasn't made for Hollywood,
Peaking past the point they said we probably should,
Nodding to the beat like somebodies being understood.
Heyyy, gotta smile up on my face blazed,
Right near the beach where Daves selling eighths of haze
Eighty eight, W-A, born and raised
Aussie made, we're not full so come and play



from The Wild Imagination EP (Alex Ford x Esta), released March 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Alex Ford Perth, Australia

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