Sea of Desire featuring Miles Bonny, Coin Banks & Marksman

from by Alex Ford





Verse one - Alex Ford)

Flyer than Jesus, brim low, new Adidas
New flow new features,
I make Stevie see this, under stand up when they seated
Gave my whole life and I'm breathing,
Must of been a reason, times up whats the meaning
Eyes shut, what Im dreaming?
Asleep and I'm fiending, now i've seen it, I'm a believer
Walked on cement, till my feet start bleeding.
Don't ever knock it, had to get, went and got it,
Bar dropping, chocolate falling out of my pockets,
Drums knocking, ?uest loving, Chuck Wattsn,
If you hating, I'm Cat Tating Im not bovvered,
Honest, every feeling I ever got from it,
Had to have it, no way that i'd ever not want it,
Like turning chronic to hot comets with Gods on em
Even God want it, its mine until I'm God promise

(Chorus - Miles Bonny)

What if everything you wanted was free?
To be for the taking
Just imagine how it would be
To be, just who you are

(Verse two - Coin Banks)

Was on the court in my sneakers
Now I'm back on the bleachers
My girl ask, how rap gon feed us?
Walk on water like jesus
Knee deep in the sea of desire
Hot coals on my soul, got my feet in the fire
All facts in my raps, don't believe in the liars
Why do we idolise, all of these idols like
they prophets? Royalty in a child eyes
Profit from the title prize
Miles high, life above
Kurt, Amy, Lennon, Biggie
It's like they all died for us
Streets mourn for the kings,
But never think to
Form a kingdom and be their own kings too
I'm on the sea floor, with the marine core
The triton of writing, Poseidon reborn
I'll do the honours dog for, me and my confidants
We beyond the ambiance, a bunch of pompous cosmonauts


(Verse Three - Marksman)

Some things are gonna change ya life
I remember hearing something crazy like
Seth Macfarlene was booked on one of the planes that dived
into the empire state of mind
But slept in hung over and didn't make the flight
Don't know if now he's more a family guy
Or paralysed when he has to fly
Or satisfied with chatter like
Serendipity, that's just life, bad luck finds
some, while others have the knack to hide
From it forever, dodge the horrible weather
Get the girl, the job and favours from their college professor
But we model modern men and what a moral dilemma
admitting we got it better presents us
To be frank the oceans tends to re energise ya
(ex)cept swimming in a sea of desire



If you just let them know
How it is you feel
Suddenly you will realise
It doesn't take a large vocabulary to be for real
But somebodies got to turn the lights on


from The Wild Imagination EP (Alex Ford x Esta), released March 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Alex Ford Perth, Australia

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